In Memoriam

Classmates who died prior to the 20-year-reunion are

Bobby Lane (heart attack)
Jane McIntosh (Hodgkins)
Skippy Nard (Viet Nam)
Cealia Price (cancer)
Charles Tannehill (Viet Nam)


Those who died between then and the 30-year-reunion are

Kitty Clayton (diabetes)
Bob Edgar (heart attack)
Junior Edwards (liver failure)
Linda Gardner (heart failure)
John Hawkins (Multiple Sclerosis)
Glen Lehner (automobile accident)
Shelby Miller (cancer)
Mike Powers (scleroderma)


Those who have died since the 30-year-reunion are

Rush Swayze (brain tumor)
Judith Mosal (respiratory failure)
David Bryant (cancer)
Linda James (kidney failure)
Julia Ward (cardiac arrest)
Lynn Yaeger (renal carcinoma)
Glenda Locke (ovarian cancer)
Robert Gregory (cancer)


Those who have died since the 40-year-reunion are

Chuck Pendergast (2003-brain tumor)
Jobie Payne (2004-complications of malignant brain tumor)
Mike Spann (2004-stomach/esophageal cancer)
Barbara Bourne (2004-complications from diabetes)
George Twente (2005-private plane crash)
Jim Henderson (2005-pneumonia)
Susan McLendon (2005-cardiac arrhythmia)
Sydney Watkins (2005-multiple organ failure)
Martha Hunter (2006-heart disease and COPD)
Carson Whitsett (2007-brain cancer)
Clem Wright (2007-aneurysm)
Betty Claire Dees (2007-prolonged, but courageous battle with lung cancer)
Ellis Haddad (2008-surgical complications following a torn aorta)
Geneva Davis (2008-viral pneumonia)
Mary Williams (2008-breast cancer)
Natalie Butler (2008-lung cancer)
Walter Shellshear (2009-malignant abdominal tumor)
Larry Sanders (2009-heart attack)
Nancy Fleming (2009 complications from Pure Red-Cell Aplasia)
Jan Tumasz (2009)
Charles Squires (2010 - complications from MRSA)
Charles Richey (2010 - lung cancer)
Ann Snowden (2011 - breast cancer)
Susan Marland (2011 -
malignant brain tumor)
Thad Amacker (2012 - cardiac arrest)
Jack Harris (2012 - complications from a rare form of dementia)
Marilyn Lenz (2013 - stroke)
Ben Duckworth (2013 - complications from esophageal cancer)



Deceased by the time of the 20-Year-Reunion:

Mayes B. Hunter
Nessie Bennett
Gillie Dodd
Marie Rose Tizon
Grace Myers (Did she ever keep us straight!)

Deceased by the time of the 30-Year-Reunion:

Isabel Johnson
Willie Spann
Blanche Musselwhite
Emmy Lou Patton
Kermit Davis
Kathryn Harris
Jo Nader (substitute teacher)
James Hall
Maida Starling

Deceased by the time of the 40-Year-Reunion:

Hazel Ruff
Roger Dollarhyde
Marguerite Caldwell
Winifred Cheney
Avis Russell
Mary Ann McAllister

Those who have died since the 40-year-reunion:

Wayne W. Walley (2003)
Miss Irene Breland (2006, age 99 1/2)
Ruth J. Davis (2007)
William J. (Bill) Pleasant, Jr. (2008)
Dr. William J. Herring, Sr. (2009)
Malcolm M. Norwood (2009)
James A. Springer (2010)
Louise Meiere Culver (2010)
Robert Oakes (2012)

Other educators of interest, who have died:

Kirby Walker (Supt. of Ed.)
Mrs. Stockwell (Power)
Miss Bell (9th grade science - Bailey)
Miss Lay (7th grade science - Bailey)
Mr. James K. Upchurch (7th grade science - Bailey)
Miss Briscoe (Power)
Mr. Joseph Kyle Herring (9th grade science - Bailey)
Alta May Power (principal - Boyd)
Katherine Rea (librarian - Bailey)
Jesse Howell (principal - Chastain)
Rebecca Lemley (Boyd)
Opal Germany (Bailey)
Gene Eason (shop/mechanical drawing - Bailey)
Archie Lee McCormick (principal - Bailey from 1954 to 1976)
Miss Nancy Lee Granberry (Bailey from 1941 to 1969, she died at the age of 100)
Mrs. James K. (Augusta M.) Upchurch (6th grade - Boyd)
Coach Hobart Stowers (P.E. - Bailey)
Miss Edna Earle Tannehill (taught private piano lessons to many MHS students)
Mrs. Bertha Clark (Bailey's school secretary from 1955 until 1975)
Miss Grace Elizabeth Caulfield (6th grade Duling)
Mrs. Dorothy Davis (St. Andrews Day School)
Mrs. Katie McPhearson (4th grade Boyd)
Mrs. Mildred H. Terrell (2007 - Home Ec-Bailey)
Mrs. Harriet Carter Fincher (2008-9th grade Algebra-Bailey)
Mrs. Hallie Houston Keyes (2010-Gym Teacher-Bailey)
Miss Mary Kyle (2010-Mississippi History-Bailey)
Mr. William Melton (2013-World History - Bailey)
Mrs. Nancy Thompson Breland (2013-4th Grade - Watkins)

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